Four Reasons to Consider Selling to a Legitimate Cash House-Buying Firm

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Real Estate

Cash-for-homes deals occur every day. People find themselves in situations where they can’t wait for traditional real estate sales to transpire. As a result, they start working with cash house-buying companies. If you’re in the process of selling your home and need to sell it right away, you should talk to a legitimate cash house-buying company. Here’s why.

Easy Process
When you post an ad saying, “sell my house fast Tallahassee Fl,” you’ll find that most companies paying cash for houses have simple transactions. The first step is to call your cash home-buying firm of choice and tell your representative a little about your house. The company will then send someone over to do a walk-through. After that, you could have an offer as soon as the next day.

Quick Sale
Once an offer is made, you’re generally looking at a week or 10 days before you’ll actually sell your house. During this time, the buying company will contact its attorney so all the necessary forms will be available at the closing.

Sell During Slower Months
In a traditional real estate deal, you probably won’t sell your house during the holidays, which are historically the slowest-selling months of the year. However, when you advertise how to “sell my house fast Tallahassee Fl,” you’ll discover that getting cash for your home can take place any time of year.

Guaranteed Sale
One of the most frustrating experiences for home sellers is having sales fall through because buyers can’t get financed. Contrarily, after you post your “sell my house fast Tallahassee Fl” ad, you’ll hear from firms who offer cash deals. Most experienced firms will never cancel transactions. They want your home so they can fix it up and sell it for a nice profit.

Selling to a reputable cash home-buying company will also enable you to avoid expensive fees like commissions and closing costs. This can save you as much as $12,000 or $18,000, depending on the price of your house.

Friendly Real Estate Group LLC is a premier cash home-buying company based in the Tallahassee Fl area that will always make a fair offer on your house.


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