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Unique Opportunities to Find Lake Homes for Sale in Minnesota

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Real Estate

Minnesota is known as “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” but that nickname doesn’t quite do the state’s environmental layout justice. There are, in fact, nearly 12,000 lakes over 10 acres in size, only one of which is one of the famed Great Lakes, Lake Superior. When combined with the many rivers that feed into or originate from those many thousands of lakes, this means there is more shoreline to be found in Minnesota than Hawaii or California! Where there are a shoreline and calm waters, there are people who want to call it home. Whether or not they can afford to build a home is another matter entirely.

Unlike beachfront property in California, Hawaii, or Florida, it can be relatively affordable to purchase and build lake homes in Minnesota. Depending on the size of the asset you want to build on and the materials you want to build your home out of, you could even find yourself saving money on the current lake homes for sale in Brainerd now years down the line. If you’re looking for a unique, energy-efficient style when researching lake homes for sale in Minnesota, you might want to consider log cabins. Yes, that’s right, log cabins.

An Old but Enduring Style
It’s true that America’s frontier days are long behind us, but the kind of residence the famed author Henry David Thoreau built and hoped to find enlightenment in during his stay at Walden Pond in the 1850s is still popular today. Unlike Thoreau, you can have someone else build your log cabin rather than do it yourself, and there are a variety of floor plans to choose from. Mind you, the cabins that can serve as lake homes for sale today are far more advanced than they were in Thoreau’s day, or when Abraham Lincoln’s father built the family farm’s log cabin years prior to that.

Not Your Great-Great-Grandfather’s Type of Cabin
These are not your run of the mill cabins, but more like the chalets you can find at prestigious ski resorts in Europe. You have the benefit of building with natural materials, as well as any modern additions you wish for. In colder months, their solid log sidewalls resist the attempts of heat to escape. As the weather warms up, your lakeside location provides ample opportunities to open the windows and let a fresh breeze waft in whenever you feel the need. If you opt for high ceilings and all those windows, natural light can quickly find its way into your cabin, reducing your need to switch on the lights.

You can find information about lake homes for sale on the website of Chad Schwendeman Real Estate Group, and it is recommended that you download brochures on different builders’ websites to see the many different floor plans and construction options available to you.


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