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Going to college is a wonderful experience, especially when you can do it on your terms. While the typical dorm experience is favorable for some, others want a sense of independence.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? Applying through Ion will give you the student housing Baton Rouge college attendees can look forward to inhabiting. Each building comes with a myriad of perks and amenities like being close to campus and attractions, gated parking lots, and even yoga gardens. When it comes to unit benefits, you can expect features like Wi-Fi, in-unit laundry, and furniture.

Whether you want a single unit or prefer sharing with roommates, you have the option of living with up to three others. Keep in mind, only one student can occupy each bedroom, so apply earlier than later to ensure your place. If this is your first time applying for an Ion Property, they’re waiving the application fee and the deposit if you apply within their promotional window.

Sure, being on campus in a dorm is s decent concept. However, having your own place that is near campus gives you the freedom to be your complete self with easy access to your classes. With Ion Properties, you can find some of the most high-quality student housing Baton Rouge has to offer. The sooner you apply, the better chance you have of being placed in the living unit of your dreams.

Visit their website to apply and other inquiries Ion Baton Rouge at https://ion-batonrouge.com/.

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