Four Things That Can Make Living Off-Campus Feel Like a Community

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There are many options to choose from when searching for off campus student housing in Baton Rouge. It is possible to discover a community. While doing your research, find out about the extra activities a facility offers. These little touches can make the environment inviting and productive.

Outdoor Space

Spending time outside after being cooped up in the classroom all day can be refreshing. Some builders have incorporated many features, and when you find a place like this, you have the option of relaxing, playing, or socializing outdoors and away from the school. Some bonuses to look for are pools, cabanas, sand-covered volleyball courts, and a bar-b-q area.

Indoor Space

Once it is time to head indoors, there can be just as many activities. Apartments come equipped with modern gyms, lounge seating, and billiards. A business center with computers, printers, and internet access can help you streamline last-minute projects.

The Rooms

Architects have planned student-friendly buildings so that each bedroom can have a private bath. If you want to save money or room with many friends, a five-bedroom arrangement could be just what you need. If you are not up to that, there are one-bedrooms with view options. For people who want something in between, check out traditional two- and three-bedroom suites. Most come with full kitchens, so you can cook healthy meals or make dishes for a gathering.


Wherever you land, it should provide proper security. Ask if the manager lives in the building and if the doors are controlled by electronic access. For more details and amenities available in off campus student housing in Baton Rouge, contact Lark Baton Rouge at

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