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Were you trying to find some affordable student apartments in Colorado Springs? Living in this part of the country has a ton to offer, but it’s not always cheap. That’s why many students are moving into off-campus apartments. Not only do you get to live here, but you also get a ton of amenities.

Student Apartments in Colorado Springs

Maybe, you’re a fan of living with others. If that’s the case, you can live in an apartment with up to 5 bedrooms. Still, there are options with as few as 2 of them, too. So, you can decide how many people to live with, and there will be a suitable option available.

Heated Swimming Pool

Even during the winter, you can enjoy a few laps around the pool. Since it contains heated water, it’ll feel amazing all year long.

Pet Friendly With a Dog Park

Don’t forget to bring your pets with you while moving in here. Thankfully, the builders have included a dog park, so you’ll have somewhere to take them.

Clubhouse With Coffee Bar and Game Room

In the morning, you can stroll down to the clubhouse and pick up a cup of joe. Then, you can relax in the game room after a long day of studying.

2-Story Townhomes

Plus, you could live on the 2nd floor of a townhome if that sounds appealing. You would have a great view of the Cheyenne mountains right from your room.

The Lodges of Colorado Springs offers student housing near Colorado Springs. Visit them at their website at to learn more.

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