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Part of going to college involves learning how to live and function independently as an adult. However, you might be unable to attain this independence if you live in a dormitory all four years while you are in school.

Rather than forgo your chance to learn how to live successfully as an adult, you can move out of the dorms and into a place of your own. You might find the independent units for student living in Lafayette, LA, to be the ideal choice for you this coming school year.

Living Off-Campus

When you live in one of these apartments, you get to live off-campus away from the planned activities and predictability of the dorms. You have the leeway to come and go from your own place. You also avoid having to check in with anyone if you want to leave early or come back late.

However, you are still close enough to campus to get to and from your classes on time. You can walk or bike to campus and avoid having to drive and pay for parking on campus. You are also still close enough to allow you to take part in on-campus activities during Homecoming and other special events.

You can find out more about the appeal of independent student living in Lafayette, LA, online. To schedule a tour or find out what units are available, you can contact Université House Acadiana.

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