Questions to Ask Before Signing a New Lease

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Real Estate

If you are at the point in negotiating for a new apartment where you are about to sign the lease, you probably think all your questions have been answered. Well, maybe some of the bigger questions, but there may be some others that you overlooked, especially if this is your first time renting an apartment. If you are about to sign the lease on a piece of downtown San Diego real estate, here are some last questions to get cleared up before the ink hits the paper.

#1. How do I pay rent?

An odd question, but an important one. It’s important because it tends to differ from landlord to landlord. Sometimes, particularly in apartment complexes, they’ll have a specified drop box for tenants to leave their rent. Other times you’ll have to mail the rent to a specific P.O. box or address. And sometimes you can even pay online instead. Figure out what specific method of paying rent will be asked of you, so you aren’t left confused when the time to pay comes.

#2. What utilities do I have to take care of?

In the best-case scenario, what utilities you will and won’t have included in the rent will be advertised when you find the apartment. However, when that doesn’t happen, it’s best to ask what utilities are your responsibility before signing onto anything. This way, you’ll know who you have to call, and what will already be taken care of when you move in.

#3. How many changes can I make to the apartment?

This is most definitely a matter that varies from landlord to landlord. One landlord may either not care or flat out encourage redecoration of the apartment. Others may demand that everything remain the same. And some may be somewhere in the middle, allowing some things but not others. It’s important to ask this question so you know where you stand. See if you can’t get them to write down a list of the redecorations you may not do under any circumstances, so that you don’t forget in the future.

#4. Do you require renter’s insurance?

Like with utilities, there’s a chance that you will be told about this beforehand, but it helps to ask. Renter’s insurance is cheap compared to its peers, and is just a helpful thing to have. But some apartments require it, so be on the lookout for that.

Signing a lease signs you onto the apartment lock stock and barrel. So, any and all questions, no matter how inconsequential they appear, should be asked before you sign. For more information Visit Pacific Gate By Bosa.


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