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Good amenities are one of the biggest draws to apartment complexes and are key factors that determine if someone stays and rents or moves on to another location. When you are looking for studio apartments for rents in Hayward CA, here are some of the common amenities you may find:

Lobby Staff

Some high-end apartment complexes have staff and lobby assistants who are on call, some 24 hours a day, to help you with any need you may have.


Many apartments and condos today have special conference centered for business meetings that can also be used by college students for study and research.


Share laundry areas are most common but many high-end apartments offer in-room laundry facilities or laundry services provided by the staff.

Pool Area

Enjoy a swim in the community pool and get some good exercise while having fun and unwinding after a long or busy day at work or school.

WIFI Internet

If the apartment you are looking at does not offer some form of free internet service then run away- it is pretty well standard these day to provide it.


​​Some of your nicer apartment complexes have spas or workout centers as part of the commons area for residents to use at their leisure.


The game room is still a staple in many shared common areas and is a great place unwind and enjoy some fun and games with fellow residents.

Health & Fitness

As more and more people become health-conscious apartment complexes are offering healthier options for food courts and cafeterias on site.

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