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Prior to 2011, there were some considerable risks for people with an interest in living or investing in Sri Lanka properties. However, since the end of the civil war in 2009 and the stabilization of the economy, Sri Lanka, and particularly Colombo, offers some very important investment possibilities.

The big reason that many people choose to invest in Colombo is the natural beauty of this tropical paradise. As the capital city of this island country, it offers a diversity of living options from ultra-modern apartments and condo complexes to more traditional single-family homes in different suburbs of the city.

New developments in the city center allow for the optimal combination of living arrangements. These new complexes are a community within a city, offering luxury living, entertainment, shopping and ongoing special events and activities. Additionally, these developments offer amazing skyline and ocean views, adding to their appeal for those interested in moving to Sri Lanka.

Booming Economy

One of the main drivers of the increase in interest for investing in the city of Colombo is the return of the tourism industry. Tourists from India, China as well as Europe and throughout the Middle East provide the largest numbers, while American tourists are becoming more aware of this gem.

In addition to tourism, businesses are also moving into Colombo, with many international as well as national companies headquartering in the city. This is another factor that will increase the motivation to invest in Colombo properties as there is an increased demand for upscale housing options.

Friendly Foreign Investment Policies

The government of Sri Lanka recognizes the value that foreign businesses, workers, and even retirees bring to Colombo and other cities on the island. This has led to a very friendly policy for those wanting to invest in Colombo. Through the considerable relaxing of the previous policy, investment in this part of the world is much easier for foreign investors. Browse site for more information.

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