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There is a building that has joined the Hollywood skyline that is really raising the bar on rental apartments in Hollywood. When you find the perfect apartment for rent in Hollywood it is hard to ever look at rentals in the same way. The temporary nature of “rentals” often lead people to believe that they should not make the same demands as they would when they plan on buying a space. There is a building that removes that stigma. You should be making demands out of your rental space, especially when it is home.

Creating Home

One building has taken a completely different approach to designing their residences, they have created them to feel like a resort AND to feel like home. This balance of a resort atmosphere with residences that are designed to support your home life, really raises the bar on what you should expect.

West Coast Lifestyle Design

A combination of indoor and outdoor living space is critical to curating that west coast lifestyle. Amenities that are focused on extending your living space include:

  • Pool area, on the roof of course
  • Common gathering spaces
  • Opportunities to dine al fresco
  • Other amenities that are geared toward helping you curate the ideal lifestyle

A pool on the roof? Yes of course, a rooftop pool gives you the exclusive views of LA while you relax in welcoming privatized environment. Street level pools cannot compare to the experience of a rooftop pool.

Common Gathering Spaces

Apartment living is complemented by having the common gathering space that allows you to extend the living space of your apartment and gives you that feeling of home that everyone desires.

Curate Your Lifestyle

Hollywood Proper is raising the bar on how you can live in a rental in Hollywood! For more information visit The Marc.

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