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Luxury apartments are synonymous with serenity, prestige, extravagance, and comfort. They provide an ultimate level of comfort and are typically built with find quality craftsmanship to give each apartment unit it’s on unique character. When you are in one of these apartments, you will typically be in peaceful surroundings with perfect décor that will make you feel right at home. Convent Harlem is one such location in New York that offers superb luxury apartments.

Aesthetically Pleasing Areas

The aesthetics on the inside and outside of the apartment are creatively chosen. The furniture is phenomenal in most cases if the unit is furnished, and the overall design will have just the right flow. Luxury apartment owners make use of the best architects and interior designers in the world for an amazing design that makes use of modern day amenities and designs put together in a creative way.

Upgraded materials

The architectural features in luxurious apartments include hardwood floors, crown moldings, brick walls or exposed beams, beveled or stained glass, higher ceilings, and solid wood door just to mention a few. Other characteristic features include entertainment and music systems, internet connections and large unobstructed windows for amazing views. The surfaces and fixtures are made of above standard materials such as granite and marble kitchen countertops and beautiful tiles for the bathrooms. You simply can’t go wrong with a New York luxury apartment if you want an amazing place to call home.

Modern Day Amenities

It is only in luxurious apartments where you expect to find dining and private party spaces. Some of the spaces come with catering kitchens and a guest suite for out of town guests as well. Amenities such as room service, pet sitting, on-site spa facilities, and indoor parking are all characteristic of luxury apartments. For more information visit 17 & 52 Convent Avenue.

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