Settling Your Divorce in Oshawa

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Real Estate

Divorce can be difficult for everyone involved, your divorce lawyer in Oshawa may suggest making things easier by selling the family home. A lot of people reject the advice of their divorce lawyer in Oshawa area because it can be difficult to think about giving up the co-owned property, but it is the best decision.

It is the Best Advice

When a marriage falls apart all the things that you have amassed together needs to be addressed including:

  • Debts
  • Property divisions
  • Financial arrangements

Most people do not own their homes outright. They carry a mortgage, which can be difficult to sustain when a couple splits up. Most homes are mortgaged and bought based on two incomes, when one of those incomes is moving elsewhere, it can have a huge financial impact. Selling your home quickly will allow you both to make a clean break and get out of debt.

The Proceeds of the Sale

The reason many divorce lawyers recommend selling the co-owned home is to help couples make a clean break and pay off their joint debts. It is far easier to quickly sell the property and be able to move forward. The proceeds from the sale can have a huge impact on both of your financial futures.

Makes the Division Simplified

If you want to complicate things all you must do is try to split a property between two parties, even if one party can afford to buy the other one out, it becomes a messy situation.

Less is Better

It is always better to make financial arrangements as simple as possible. Selling your property simplifies finances for everyone. R.W. Carr Investment Co is the solution that comes highly recommended by divorce lawyers for selling your co-owned property! It is the easy way to get through a stressful time.


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