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Making it in New York City is the dream that has called millions of people from all over the world to the island of Manhattan. From the sleepy trading outpost of New Amsterdam to the world-class city and cultural center of today, Manhattan has always called for the ambitious, the creative, and the dreamers to make it here first.

One of the hallmarks of making it in New York is a residence that is a tribute to hard work, big dreams, and just enough luck. Just because you have made it, that doesn’t mean that you need to take your family to that big home in the ‘burbs – and why would you with all of Manhattan and everything it has to offer at your fingertips?

New Century Homes

Manhattan’s new building boom is giving rise to skyscrapers that are not part of commerce, finance, or industry, but are instead beautiful new penthouses for sale in historic New York neighborhoods like Tribeca. All of Manhattan is seeing a boom in family-friendly residence towers that offer family and community-oriented amenities such as the residents’ lounge and Imagination Playspace at 45 Park Place. Beautiful rooms with sweeping vistas and natural light are the new must-have along the quiet streets of Tribeca.

The New Skyline of a Legendary Neighborhood

The New York City skyline is changing in beautiful ways. 45 Park Place is a way to be a part of the skyline that has called to so many. Downtown Manhattan’s architectural Renaissance isn’t just for singles, but for families who don’t want to waste time in hours-long commutes, and who want to share the city and everything it has to offer with their children. Housing values in Tribeca are among the highest in the city, and the market is favorable to buyers, but possibly not for long. Now is the time to investigate penthouses for sale in one of New York’s legendary neighborhoods.

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