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Thinking of listing your apartments or condos for sale? Here are seven easy-to-follow rules to sell your property faster – even in the worst of markets:

Put a Spotlight on Luxury

When you’re offering luxury apartments for sale – like 360 Central Park West – you need to make sure your potential buyers know it. Offer high-definition photos of your home’s beautiful fixtures, spacious interiors, and luxury features to draw in viewers.

Highlight Location

If you have Central Park West apartments for sale, that should be one of your first taglines in your listing. Let people know that you’re not only selling a beautiful home, but you’re also selling a lifestyle that includes a gorgeous location as well.

Clean It Up

Nobody wants to be in a dirty home, let alone buy one. Clean your house and get rid of clutter to make it more marketable to those browsing the market.

Make Repairs or Upgrades

If your property needs repairs, take care of them before trying to sell it. Your buyers will be more willing to invest in newly-renovated space than in a fixer-upper.

Price It Right

You love your property, so it can be hard to be honest and price it correctly when your pride gets in the way. Don’t let it, though; give your buyers an honest offer so they can get a great value for their investment.

Make It an Experience

Looking at a potential new property should be more than just a brief tour of a home. It should be an experience that draws the viewer in and makes them never want to leave. Light candles, bake something delicious, arrange fresh flowers, open windows, or light your fireplace. Making your home comfortable and attractive to viewers will guarantee more interest and improve sales.


When you’re really ready to sell your property, advertise it correctly. A few local listings are great – getting it into the multi-listing database is even better. You’ll get more eyes on your home – and increase the likelihood of selling it.

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