Why Student Apartments Typically Offer a More Diverse Group of People

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Row of the new townhouses in Richmond, British Columbia.

Going away to college is a great time to meet people from all walks of life. Your new best friend could be someone who’s twenty years older than you or someone who lived in another country for most of their life. When it comes to student housing, which option has the most diverse group of students?

Why Student Apartments Are Typically More Diverse

Dorm rooms are usually populated with students no older than their early twenties. They’ve just graduated high school and want to get the full student living in Laramie experience by living in a dorm. Additionally, they might not be ready for the responsibilities of an apartment since they’ve never lived on their own before.

Conversely, student apartments attract a much wider group of people. You’ll get students in their early twenties, but you’ll also get older adults who can handle more freedom and responsibility. You’ll also get people with different cultural backgrounds who find the dorm lifestyle to be too limiting. Some residents might be adults in their thirties and forties who are going back to school after being away for several years. You’ll get to meet people from all walks of life and might even have some of them as your roommates.

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